Choose A Beautiful Ruby Engagement Ring For The Special Day

Engagement rings symbolize love and commitment to each other and that’s why everyone wants to make their engagement ring as personalized and unique as it can be. Ruby is one gemstone that represent love, passion and commitment among many other things and hence choosing a ruby engagement ring makes all the natural sense.

A ruby engagement ring is considered the perfect ring for a memorable occasion. The red-rich precious gem symbolizes love and warmth, the emotions very true for the moment. If you have been exploring designs and gemstones for this day, it is suggested that you consider a ruby ring as your choice from the innumerable options available out there. 

If she likes jewels that have a touch of splendor and royal aura and yet are elegant, you may choose a neatly-shaped ruby set in yellow gold. And, if her preference is an understated jewel, you may select a beautifully cut ruby in white gold or platinum. Since natural rubies possess an intense stunning look a gorgeous solitaire ring is a good choice. 

However, for an impressive variation, a few diamonds may be added to the design. Presence of even two or three small diamonds remarkably accentuates the ring setting. Also, with diamonds many more beautiful choices are available for ruby engagement ring. 

We are presenting here some of the fabulous designs that you can consider for your special ruby engagement ring.

Solitaire Ruby Rings

Solitaire design rings are perhaps the oldest of designs. Despite being traditional in nature, solitaire ruby rings have still maintained their charm.  The design is intended to focus entirely on the ruby gemstone with minimalist sublimity of shank. Couples who want to invest in a good quality ruby usually consider this setting. The most popular shapes of ruby for solitaire rings are round, square and oval cut.

Solitaire Ruby Rings

Vintage Styled Ruby Engagement Rings

Vintage inspired ruby engagement rings get their design elements from the Victorian era and Art Deco era. You find detailed filigree work on the bands of the rings giving a rustic look to the rings. These timeless designs are beautifully captivating and are available with or without diamonds.

Vintage Ruby Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings With Diamond Halo

One of the most famous halo designs of all time is Princess Diana ring. Though the original ring featured a sapphire surrounded by diamonds, the ring has later been made with a lot of different gemstones including ruby.

In a halo setting a center stone is surrounded by one or two ‘halos’ of diamonds. The presence of diamonds remarkably enhances the visual appeal of the red center stone ruby. Halo ruby engagement rings are also found in many shapes other than the usual shapes some of which are round ruby and oval diamonds five stone ring, cushion shaped ruby with half-moon diamonds, pear shaped ruby and round diamonds channel set and emerald cut ruby prong set halo ring with round diamonds. 

Choose one of these ruby ring designs or custom-design your own ruby engagement ring for her for this special day in your life. Custom designing a ring is not as difficult as it might appear.

You may put on your thinking cap and take inspiration from celebrity engagement rings. You can reinvent those designs in your own personal way. There are many reputed jewelers who have the expertise to bring your design to life. 

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