White Gold or Silver: Making the Right Choice and What You Need to Know

Jewelry is the ultimate expression of self-love and attraction which boosts an individual’s confidence and provides the utter satisfaction which one seeks. Out of hundreds of metals and gems mined to create jewelry, the most popular ones since millions of years of human history have been timeless gold and silver.

While gold is favored for its golden sheen, silver’s lustrous shine steals a million hearts still today. However, changing fashion trends and shifting preferences of people have made white metals more popular these days with platinum, white gold, and silver jewelry becoming the first choice of jewelry lovers in contemporary settings.

Definition of Elegance: White Gold in Limelight

Speaking of White Gold, it is a special element created by mixing pure yellow gold with other metals, such as silver, nickel, or palladium, giving it its white hue rather than keeping its traditional yellow color. Also, when pure gold is combined with any of these metals, it becomes harder, thus modifying its physical properties, based on the alloy being used. This combination makes the metal preserve the richness of gold and at the same time presents it in a new light, making it a perfect choice for modern wedding bands and engagement rings. Finally, white gold ornaments are given rhodium plating for that sparkling white look.

White Gold Jewelry

Language of Grace: Silver Jewelry’s New Phase

The grace of this precious element has been recognized for ages due to its incomparable sparkle and its chemical properties which make it a good conductor of electricity. Since the metal is too soft in its natural form, it is often combined with other metals such as copper or nickel to change its physical properties and make it hard. The metal has been used to create decorative ornaments, glassware, utensils, and even coins for several centuries now. 

Silver in Raw form

Which one is the best option to suit your wedding look: White Gold or Silver Jewelry?

When talking about jewelry, each metal has its own physical and chemical properties making it more or less viable than the others. Some of the several indicators which impact the likability of any metal by people include:

Price and Affordability:

As far as price is concerned, silver is far cheaper than white gold in the market, making silver jewelry more affordable than white gold jewelry. So, if you wish to get your custom jewelry designed and created, silver is the most viable choice for you to celebrate special occasions. However, white gold is a suitable alternative to more expensive platinum which makes it moderately preferable. 


Out of white gold and silver jewelry, the one which would offer you more durability and ease of maintenance is white gold. The jewelry carved out of this metal does not wear out depending on the hardness or the purity of the gold. On the other hand, silver is a soft metal and hence is susceptible to slight changes in its shape due to wearing over time. Hence, if you desire to adorn yourself with white engagement rings and wedding bands, white gold jewelry would make you feel out of this world.

 Susceptibility to Skin Conditions: 

Many people are allergic to metals, most commonly to Nickel, which is often used in the manufacturing of white gold and silver jewelry, which might make them less suitable or a complete turn down for those who are allergic to Nickel. However, white gold is often plated with rhodium from the outside, thus restricting the Nickel element from coming in direct contact with skin. But, the coating may wear out so must be reapplied from time to time.  

Resistance from Corrosion: 

White gold is resistant to any corrosion over time due to humidity in the atmosphere, thus keeping it intact and maintaining its luster. However, the articles or jewelry made up of silver turn blackish with time due to the chemical reaction of the element with the atmospheric air rich in sulfur. This sulfide coating on the silver is what makes it lose its shine and appear dull. So, even though the metal does not react with air and water and does not corrode, its closure with sulfur compounds may lead to its corrosion, making white gold a better suggestion.

Level of Maintenance Required:

Like all metals, white gold and silver jewelry pieces also need to be taken good care of in order to maintain their glow. For instance, white gold jewelry requires to be repolished with rhodium plating after every few years to keep its white finishing intact without exposing the yellow gold. Similarly, silver objects and jewelry must be polished and cleaned regularly to avoid getting tarnished and to maintain their gleam.

What are you eyeing for your big day?

Due to the inclination of Generation Z, white metals, like platinum, white gold, and silver have become terrific competitors in the global jewelry market. To make their big day memorable, women prefer to curate white jewelry for themselves to make birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, or anniversary events more than special. So, if you have a liking for white metals and wish to gift yourself or your loved ones sparkling engagement rings or stunning wedding bands in the festive season, then white gold and silver jewelry are the best you could offer.


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