What are the advantages of buying loose gemstones for jewelry?

The center of attention for any piece of gemstone jewelry, whether it is a ring, a pendant, a pair of studs or necklace is undoubtedly its precious gemstones. Therefore, there is a need for these stones to be beautiful and sparkling. Many a times, in the pre-set collection of jewels available with established jewelers, the design of the jewelry is very appealing but the gemstones used are either too big or too small, not properly shaped or cut, or the price quoted by the jeweler is expensive or perhaps you do not like the entire piece, but, do like some part of it. Besides, you may want your jewelry collection to include complementing pieces of studs, ring, pendant or necklace, and bracelet crafted with same sets of gemstones which the jeweler may not have. Also, since these are valuable one may want to check their authenticity too.

Most of these uncertainties may be eliminated if one chooses loose rubies, loose sapphires or loose emeralds from genuine wholesalers and set them into the desired jewelry design. The loose gemstones may either be selected after finalizing the jewelry design or one may carefully choose a nice gemstone and then design a stud, ring or pendant around it. The carat, cut, size and clarity of these stones may be precisely selected according to the design and one’s preference, thus giving the joy of possessing your dream jewelry.

Also, a jewel made with all the ingredients that are personally chosen makes an individual statement. Thus, it is suggested that one may explore the creative option of individually selecting loose rubies, loose sapphires or loose emeralds and custom-making them into unique jewels.

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