What is your Preference? Opal vs. Moonstone

Color Difference

Opals are known for their luminous colors which seem to change when seen from different angles whereas moonstones reminiscent of the moon’s glow with colors vary from white, silver and blue.

Symbolism of Opals & Moonstones

Opals are believed to signify hope and purity whereas Moonstones are known for their association with the moon and these promote peace, spiritual growth, and emotional healing.

Difference of the Value

Premium quality opals may reach a maximum of $15,000 per carat, whereas moonstones can surpass $ 1,000 for premium quality.

Popularity Difference

Compared to moonstones, opals are more popular due to their dazzling colors.

Location Disparity

Opals are predominantly imported from Australia, while moonstones are found in Sri-Lanka, Australia and Brazil.

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