Ways To Style Your Big Day Rings

Ways To Style Your Big Day Rings

Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring: How are they Different?

While an engagement ring marks your wedding proposal, a wedding ring is the memorial of your lifetime commitment & union

Always Go for the Ring Finger

Make sure you wear your engagement and wedding ring on the ring finger because it is said that a vein directly connects it with heart

Engagement Ring on Left or Right Hand?

Your engagement ring can go either on the ring finger of your left or right hand, depending on your local culture and traditions

Wedding Ring on Left or Right Hand?

The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of either of the hands, usually in the same one in which the engagement ring is worn

Are Wedding and Engagement Rings Worn Together?

In Western cultures, both rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand along with the wedding band placed before the engagement ring. However, the setting may change as per local traditions or personal preferences.

Another Way to Style Your Big Day Ring

You could also style your wedding and/or engagement ring on a chained necklace to give off a different vibe

What’s Your Way to Style for Your Big Day

Get ready to set the stage ablaze by flaunting your divine engagement & wedding ring with over-the-top quality and out-of-the-world designs