Types of Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the most popular everyday adornments for your earlobes. Let’s explore their types.

Solitaire Studs

The attention-grabbing solitaire studs feature a single gemstone set in the prong or bezel setting.

Cluster Studs

Cluster earrings have multiple small gemstones set closely together in a metal frame.

Halo Studs

The lure of halo studs is their centerstone that’s encircled by smaller stones.

Pearl Studs

Naturally found in spherical shapes, pearls are perfect for stud earrings.

Ball Studs

This type of minimalistic earrings features ball-shaped gemstones or metal formations.

Evil Eye Studs

Known to protect from negative energies, this type of studs feature evil eye beads or designs.

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