Types of Braids to Style Your Hair

French Braid

Three sections of hair are plaited over each other while adding more hair strands from either side during each twist

Dutch Braid or Inside-out Braid

Three hair partitions are crossed under one another creating a braid that stands out from your head

Rope Braid

Twirl and twist two strands of hair together for a rope braid resulting in a tighter and fluffer braid

Carousel Braid

Wrap a braid around a ponytail and you will get an embellished carousel braid ready in no time

Crown Braid

For a princess look, create a wreath of hair adorned with a crown braid and decorate it with hair accessories

Waterfall Braid

A cascading interlocking of hair locks to create a wavy fashionable hairdo, a waterfall braid is a trend savior for parties

Boxer Braids

Begin with two French braids right from the scalp and continue down in a plaited fashion from the nape of the neck

Ladder Braids

For a look that is out of the box, try out ladder braids, they are cascading waterfall braids on top of each other

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