The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings: Sparkling Love Stories

These unique rings of your favorite stars will leave you speechless!

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez: A Ring For The Ages

A 20-year old love story shines bright with an 8.5-carat green diamond ring. This unique masterpiece symbolizes enduring love, cradled by elegant gold prongs

Avril Lavigne And Mod Sun: A Melody Of Forever

Love strikes a chord in Paris with a heart-shaped diamond ring. Their harmonious union is immortalized in this enchanting symbol of everlasting love

Joey King And Steven Piet: An Everlasting Impression

A unique oval-shaped diamond ring is a testament to timeless love. Mociun's design captures their exceptional bond, leading to an eternal promise

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly: An Electrifying Union

Toi et Moi emerald and diamond ring illuminates their love. This captivating creation fuses their birthstones, symbolizing their beautiful bond

Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian: Love In Full Bloom

Elongated oval-shaped solitaire diamond ring, a testament to endless love. A magnificent ring that signifies their boundless and extraordinary love

Ariana Grande And Dalton Gomez: Love's Crescendo

Toi et Moi ring unites an oval-shaped diamond and a lustrous pearl. This celestial ring harmonizes their love, reaching new heights of eternal devotion

Jasmine Tookes And Juan David Borrero: Desert Love

Surprising proposal with an oval-cut diamond ring in the Utah desert. A radiant ring worth $250,000 embodies their profound love

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