The Bachelor 2024 - Quest for Love

The threshold of discovering love amidst fashion & fame...

Grand Premiere

The Bachelor, American TV series based on relationship & dating, renewed with its 28th season on January 22, 2024 on ABC network

The “Bachelor” of 2024

Joey Graziadei takes over The Bachelor’s hot seat this season

Follow-Up on Joey Graziadei

28-year-old TV personality and tennis coach made headlines as The Bachelorette 20th season’s runner-up

Graziadei’s “Soulmate” should be…

A caring and outgoing adventurous woman who loves to explore the outdoors

Girls Competing in the Race…

A total of 32 women made it into the final list of contenders for the 28th season with Samantha Washington (Cheerleader of Miami Dolphins) being a familiar face

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