Tech-Savvy Trends For 21st-Century Weddings

Digitize the ambiance with tech-savvy techniques and take your wedding experience to another level

Leave A Digital Footprint With A Wedding Website

Stay connected with the guests 24/7 while giving them updates and highlights of each event through a personalized wedding website.

The Era of Digital Invitations

Go paperless…mail digital wedding invitations in less time with just a click of your mouse to your entire wedding guest list and also expect digital RSVPs in return.

Upgrading Memories With Social Media Hashtags

Create a digital photo album of every event in your wedding with unique wedding hashtags. Ask your guests to share their wedding clicks on social media with your tag.

Capturing Aerial Shots With Drones

Hire a drone photographer for movie-like photography of your entire wedding. Go for unique close-ups and detailed footage that no camera on land can capture.

Streaming Magical Moments Live

Online video platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Skype can host live streaming of your wedding festivities for your guests who could not make it to congratulate you in person.

3D Printed Personalized Wedding Souvenirs

Gift your wedding guests 3D-printed personalized presents…coffee mugs or cookies with printed initials or names, live printing will be appreciated even better!!!

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