Sofia Richie's Engagement Ring: A Sparkling Tale of Love and Bling!

Prepare to be bedazzled! Sofia's ring reveals a world of shimmering enchantment in the slides ahead – your carat cravings won't go unfulfilled.

What style setting does Sofia's engagement ring have?

Sofia Richie's engagement ring shows a classic and elegant solitaire setting in yellow gold, perfectly complementing her warm skin tone.

What Diamond Shape is Sofia Richie’s Engagement Ring?

Sofia's engagement ring radiates with the mesmerizing beauty of an emerald cut diamond, known for its elongated shape and vintage glamor.

How Many Carats is Sofia’s Engagement Ring?

Sofia's engagement ring boasts a remarkable 6-carat diamond, with the elongated emerald cut maximizing its finger coverage and creating a breathtaking presence.

Embrace Timeless Elegance

Sofia Richie's engagement ring is a symbol of grace, sophistication, and everlasting love.

Recreate Sofia’s Engagement Ring

Explore customization options available online to craft your own exquisite ring, inspired by Sofia Richie's timeless style. Find your perfect symbol of love!