Smart Way to Fix Oversized Rings

A loose-fitting ring is prone to be lost or fall unknowingly. To prevent that from happening, go through our story till the end.

Wrapping Your Finger With a Rubber Band

Loop a small rubber band (preferably a transparent one) around your finger a few times to add thickness for the oversized ring to avoid slipping off.

How About a Ring Guard?

Small and affordable plastic adjusters of different sizes can be placed inside the ring for temporarily resizing metal bands of any thickness.

When to Take Professional Jeweler’s Help?

If you need permanent resizing, take your ring to a professional jeweler. He will take a revised measurement of your finger and resize it accordingly for it to be as ready as new.

Say “NO” to These DIY Resizing Tricks

Avoid using nail polish, hot glue, or candle wax to temporarily resize your ring as they may ruin the metal quality.

What Can’t be Resized?

Eternity rings with an entire circle of gemstones can’t be resized unless consulted with a professional. Likewise, hard metals, such as titanium, stainless steel, or tungsten rings can’t be resized.

Metal Sizing Beads…In Case of No Solution

If you don’t want or simply can’t get your ring resized permanently then get two metal beads soldered on your ring by a professional jeweler, it’s perfect for small size adjustment.

Spring Inserts…In Case of No Solution

Another way to make small size adjustments is to get installed a metal strip on your ring by a professional jeweler that would spring back to its place when you put on the ring.

Think Before Planning Ring Resizing If…

If weight fluctuations and changing weather often bother you with ring size, then instead of resizing, rather bear with it and stay cautious since it might not be the permanent solution.