Smart Tech Rings For Married Couples

Revise your gemstone rings with WiFi & chips and bring comfort to your wedding life

Motiv Tech Wedding Band

This smart titanium band is exclusively for fashionistas and fitness freaks to take note of their calorie intake, steps walked, heartbeat rate, and sleeping hours.

Ringly Tech Wedding Ring

Stay forever connected to your smartphone even when you are at a distance. Ringly is designed in a way to send you an alert for every notification you receive on your phone.

Oura Tech Wedding Ring

Losing track of your exhausted body??? Switch to Oura with long-lasting battery life that supports sleep, body temperature & pulse tracking features, and much more.

Kerv Tech Wedding Band

Kerv customizable bands support cashless and cardless purchases with Near-Field communication (NFC) to enable a contactless payment connection…isn’t it fantastic!!!

Circular Smart Ring

With up to four days of battery backup, this multi-functional waterproof smart band can be used to set alarms, timers, and reminders along with tracking heartbeat rate & blood oxygen.

Hecere NFC Ring

This NFC band does not require charging at all. It works as a tracking ring cum NFC business card allowing a seamless exchange of data through WiFi & Bluetooth channels.

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