Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Get ready for an extraordinary AI experience

2024’s Most Anticipated Launch

January 17, 2024 saw the breakthrough release of Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra during Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event held in California

Samsung Galaxy S24

Get 6.2 inches display, 8 GB RAM, 12MP front camera and 4,000 mAh battery power and much more at $799.

Samsung Galaxy S24+

Get 6.7 inches display, 12 GB RAM, 12MP front camera, 4,900 mAh battery power and much more at $999.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Get 6.8 inches display, 12 GB RAM, 12MP front camera, 5,000 mAh battery power and much more at $1,299.

S24 Series + Galaxy AI =

Call & Text translations, Live conversation interpretation, Chat Asistance, AI-Generated suggestions for editing pictures and videos and much more…

Live Translate & Interpreter

Live Translate ensures real-time translation of phone calls in voice as well as text format while Interpreter supports text transcriptions of live conversations with split-screen feature.

Chat Assist & Note Assist

While Chat Assist assists in initiating polite and to-the-point text conversations, Note Assist aids in summarizing notes in pre-made templates.

Transcript Assist & Circle to Search

Transcript Assist supports Speech-to-Text transcription, translation and summarisation of voice recordings. Circle to Search allows users to select and search by tapping, highlighting or encircling anything on the screen.

Generative Edits with ProVisual Engine

Enjoy AI generated editing features supporting filling in fragments of an image background and experience slow-motion video display with Instant Slow-mo.

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