Popular Eyeglass Frame Designs

Elevate your look with a picture-perfect eyeglass frame and be the trendsetter…

Round Glasses

One of the most iconic frames, round glasses can be best pulled off by oval, square and rectangular faces.

Oval Glasses

Those with sharp facial features (square, oval, triangular and rectangular faces) can opt for elliptical glass frames for a modest yet chic look.

Rectangular Glasses

With wider lenses, the rectangular eyeglass frame comes with curved corners but parallel borders, suitable for every face shape.

Square Glasses

If you have a round or oval face cut then try out a retro square frame for an occasional old-school feel.

Cat-Eyed Glasses

Pick up an edgy look and playful instincts with cat-eyed glasses, the perfect glam-up recipe for both men and women.

Geometric Glasses

With their unconventional shapes and sharp edges, geometric glasses are for everyone who wants to attract the limelight.

Aviator/Pilot Glasses

Initially popular among military pilots, aviator glasses are still in trend with their sleek design and broad lenses, fit for all face shapes.

Browline Glasses

Popular back in the 1950s and 1960s, browline glasses are back in fashion for highlighting your brows, best suited for longer faces.

Oversized Glasses

These frames are extra large and striking in appearance. They can be available in multiple shapes to suit all face cuts.

Heart-Shaped glasses

Seal a heartfelt gaze of your crush, with rimless heart-shaped glasses, an absolute definition of love lenses.

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