Onyx Color Vibes: Get Ready to be Wowed!

What is Onyx Actually?

Onyx is a gemstone that's all about layers and charm.It belongs to the chalcedony family, characterized by its layered structure and part of the quartz mineral family.

Diverse Palette: Types of Onyx

Think onyx is just black? Think again! These gems are all about revealing a vibrant spectrum of colors beyond their traditional black look. It's like a whole new onyx universe!

Sardonyx: A Warm Embrace

Meet sardonyx: the cozy gemstone! It's like a warm hug in earthy tones with a pop of red. Feel the comfort and embrace the unique character of this charming gem.

Carnelian Onyx: A Dance of Colors

Step into the groove of carnelian onyx! It's like a dance floor of alternating red and white bands, giving you a gem that's all about captivating rhythm and visual movement.

The Art of Transformation: Niccolo Onyx

Niccolo onyx is the chameleon of gemstones! It transforms with grace, revealing shades of grayish-blue that add an elegant touch to its already intriguing allure.

Blues Enchant: Blue Onyx

Dive into the soothing blues of onyx! These calming shades of blue have an enchanting effect, letting you swim in a sea of tranquility with every glance.

The Epitome of Elegance: Black Onyx

Black onyx isn't just another dark gemstone. It's the superstar of elegance! From treated chalcedony to universal appeal, it's the dark knight of jewelry sophistication.

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