Nature-Inspired Statement Jewelry Pieces

A tour of flower petals, leaves, sun, water, and trees molded into a piece of jewelry…

Extracting Wooden Abstracts From Nature

The tree trunks are carved into very light-weight and rust-free statement jewelry pieces with natural brown finish or painted views

Landscapes Carved On Metals

Snow-capped canopies and far stretches of water with moonlight beams dancing on them are not found in poetic verses only…

Where Blossoms Scatter As Petals

The natural beauty of blossoms is trapped into metal bodies embodied with gemstones creating a masterpiece no less precious than what nature has bestowed on us

When Birds Pick Up Their Feast

Nature photography comes alive when the migrating birds are sculpted from metals frolicking in their habitat

Love Engraved On Metal-Plated Leaves

Autumn leaves revive fresh with dew drops when countless veins are engraved on silver, copper, and gold metal

These Flies Never Lie

Both honey bees and butterflies have inspired jewelry designers to create wonders on metal chunks that even nature can’t resist admiring

Fossils And Meteorites Have Come a Long Way

And now extraterrestrial matter and hidden natural extracts from millions of years apart have found their way into our fashionable lives this way…