Macho Bachelor Party Ideas

There’s more to a bachelor’s party except for booze and club grooves!!!

Fishing & Swimming Midst of Blues

Anybody interested in swimming and fishing? Book a private boat, set up a fish trap, breathe in the high currents, and get carried away with the ocean depth.

Crazy Karaoke Nights

Have your boy group ever tried karaoke or was the last memory already years old? Hold a funny karaoke session, record your versions, and share them as playlists for nostalgic rides.

Outdoor Sports Enthusiasm

Let your sporty buddies break some rules and play their hearts out while cheering for the groom-to-be. Opt for golf, badminton, football, baseball, or whatever sports the majority prefers.

For a Homebody Lad

Pull an all-nighter, get drunk with grilled steak, confess to your hidden secrets, rewind your party playlist, and dance hard until your feet turn sore.

Time For An Adventurous Kick

Camping, river rafting, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, or skydiving? What tops your adventure wishlist? Take a thrill pill, you will live this moment only once!!!

Handsome & Refreshing Than Before…

Who says only women can go for spas and skin treatment? Even the groomsmen deserve to look their best before a wedding fest. Under the pretext of massage, take some rest.

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