Jewels That Can Handle Everyday Wear & Tear

These durable jewels will make sure that you do not compromise your shine for the sake of a tough routine.

Bezel Set Ring

Bezel setting encircles the centerstone and keeps it safe in the ring. It is the most suitable gemstone setting for your everyday wear ring.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamonds are known for durability and stud earrings for simplicity, so together they make a perfect everyday jewel.

Tennis Bracelet

Bracelet is most exposed to everyday wear and tear. A tennis bracelet is made to withstand this wear and tear.

Pendant with Short Chain

A short chain pendant is your best bet for a low-contact jewelry piece which evades almost any kind of wear & tear.

Eternity Band

An eternity band with alternating gemstones is also a good option because the gemstones rest unexposed in the band.

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