Introducing Our Big Day “Ring Bearer”

Get acquainted with “Mr. Ring Bearer” before you plan your wedding festivities…

Who is this “Ring Bearer”???

A “Ring Bearer” is typically a young boy who is responsible for carrying your couple rings to you to officiate your wedding with your partner at your wedding ceremony.

Prospective Candidates To Be Your “Ring Bearer”

Your “Ring Bearer” can be a young boy from the bride’s or groom’s side; he could be your nephew, your bestie’s son, or even your godson.

How Old Should Be Your “Ring Bearer”?

Though there is no set age, the young boy should be between the age group of four to ten years old. However, even infants and toddlers perform this duty with their parent’s assistance.

Can There Be More Than One “Ring Bearer”?

Certainly, if you have more than one lad to share the honor with then don’t panic, your boys will be welcomed with double zeal by the wedding guests.

What Should “He” Be Dressed In?

The young fellow should typically wear a formal outfit (a tuxedo) that looks similar to that of the groomsmen. If the boy is too young, he can wear half pants for ease of mobility.

Do “Ring Bearer” & “Flower Girl” Walk Together?

Traditionally, the “Ring Bearer” walks down the aisle first and is followed by the “Flower Girl” but the children can also take a grand entry together.

How To Thank Your “Mr. Cute”

Depending on the age of your “Ring Bearer” you can gift him custom shirts, t-shirts, toys, school accessories, sunglasses, mugs, and whatnot!!!

Can A Girl Be My "Ring Bearer”?

Traditionally, a “Ring Bearer” is a boy, but you can also assign the duty to a close relative’s young daughter in case you don’t have a suitable boy to carry out the task.

My Pet, My “Ring Bearer”

If you have a pet you love like crazy then let your pet be your ring bearer for the day and let the cuteness overflow…

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