How to Dress Like Brad Pitt: Outfit Lessons

Here’s a quick lowdown on Mr. Pitt’s outfits over the years to make you dress like him

Tailored Suit

A well tailored gray suit can make women drool over you, if you can flaunt it like Mr. Pitt

Blue Denim

Cut a dash in an out-and-out blue denim look and you’re good to go

Bomber Jacket

Wear a light-coloured tee, washed-out denim jeans and a blue bomber jacket with aviators to look like the Fight Club star

Green Shirt

Turn heads like Benjamin Button with a green long-sleeve button-up shirt, light denim jeans and dark sunglasses

Cantaloupe Linen Suit

Go bold like Ladybug in a slouchy cantaloupe suit with a rusty red henley tee & aviators

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