Hair Buns For Women To Show Off

Low Buns

The low bun goes with a lot of combinations and fusions to create the most versatile hair bun perfect for both an office-going woman as well as for a bride.

Side Buns

If you want your elegantly tied hair to take the front seat then go for a side bun that is visible even from the front end as from the back.

Top Knots

For a bold and glamorous look, opt for a high messy bun placed right on the top of your head and grab maximum limelight at high-end fashion events.

Braided Buns

Braid the side ponytails and twist the locks of hair on the nape of your neck into a bun for an elegantly styled braided bun hairdo.

Messy Buns

The idea here is to keep things a little out of order with strands of hair left untied here and there instead of keeping’em all tied up in a tidy bun.

Chignon Buns

French-inspired chignon buns resemble low buns with the entire lock of your hair wrapped on the nape of your neck into a knot styled with hair accessories.

Experiment Your Ways

There are a lot more ways you can reinvent these bun hairstyles & create your variant. For more such content, keep updated with FadPost…