Guide to choose a pendant chain for men

It's not an easy task to choose anything for men, but now it will be easier for you to choose a pendant chain for your man.

Popular chain types

Popular chain types for men include box chain, cuban link chain, rope chain and snake chain.

Paracord chain VS metal chain

Paracord chains are lightweight chains woven with nylon threads. Metal chains are relatively heavy and sensitive to sweat and oil.

Which metal to choose

Any metal can be chosen for a men’s chain as per the skin tone and personality of the wearer.

What should be the perfect chain length?

18 to 30 inches is a popular chain length for men. A 30 inch chain is worn outside t-shirts, while an 18 inch chain is worn around the neck.

Which adornment to add to the chain?

To add a touch of elegance to the chain, you can add a name engraved pendant or  gemstone pendant to it.

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