Fun Facts About The July Birthstone

Ruby, one of the four precious gemstones, is the birthstone for July.

Ruby Gemstone

Rubies are famous for their enchanting red hue. They are a variety of the corundum mineral and are durable gemstones with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Interesting Facts About Ruby

Are you curious to learn some fun facts about ruby? Let's get started!

Fun Fact 1

Rubies are the ideal gemstones to celebrate and honor 15th and 40th anniversaries!

Fun Fact 2

Rubies are one of the favorite gemstone choices of the royalties! Henry VIII of England had a diverse and exquisite collection of rubies.

Fun Fact 3

Did you know that corundum is actually colorless in its purest form? It is the trace amounts of chromium that give rubies the famous red hue!

Fun Fact 4

The Black Prince 's Ruby which sits in the center of the Imperial State Crown, is not actually a ruby stone but an irregular cabochon red spinel!

Fun Fact 5

The ruby, named Estrela de Fura, is the largest ruby discovered so far, which weighs 101 carats!

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