Flower Girl: Mirror of the Bride

A guide on introducing your flower girl as a blooming surprise to your wedding guests…

The Youngest Princess Deserves Cutest Treat

A flower girl is the youngest girl from the close relatives attending the wedding ceremony who could be the bride’s cousin, niece, or the young daughter of the bride’s siblings, friends, etc.

What Does a Flower Girl Signify?

A flower girl typically represents the younger version of the bride, indicating a beautiful transition from an innocent girl into a responsible wife & mother, apart from wishing the couple fertility and good wishes for the future.

Taking Count of Flower Girl: Only One or Many?

There can be more than one flower girl assisting you on your wedding day. These girls are typically in the age group of three to ten years.

Frolicking in Her Pretty Little Dress

The flower girl wears a dress similar to that of the bride or the bridesmaids. The girl may also be dressed in some contrasting pastel shades to make her stand out in the ceremony.

Duties of Flower Girls

Typically, the young girls carry baskets full of fresh flower petals which they sprinkle while walking down the aisle before they welcome the bride, along with additional balloons, bubble bottles, or pinwheels.

A Token of Gratitude for Your Flower Girl

To make them feel special and wanted, give them personalized gifts, soft toys, stationery kits, chocolates & sweets, charm bracelets or necklaces, handbags, cushions, etc.

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