Can’t send them home empty-handed…right? Here we go with some earnest gifts of gratitude for your wedding cheerleaders…

Amazing Wedding Gift Ideas For Guests

For Bride’s Favorite Girls: Bridesmaids

Personalized denim jackets, bathroom robes, nightwear, champagne flutes, etc., or custom name mugs, bags, bracelets, photo lockets, etc. are popular gift ideas for bridesmaids.

For Groom’s Smart Buddies: Groomsmen

Personalized wine glasses, neckties, bows, coffee mugs, cologne, and wristwatches along with custom name bracelets or lockets for jewelry enthusiasts sound awesome

Time For Sweet Goodbyes!!!

Dark chocolate bar, a box of sweet cookies, candied nuts & fruits, sugar candies, marshmallows, etc. will melt with your wedding memories every time your guests savor them.

On Eco-Friendly Note: Nature’s Exclusive

Flower saplings with customized pots,  plant seeds, ceramic flower vases, indoor potted plants, succulents, etc. will be the most natural wedding gift for your guests.

Handmade Ready to Use Treats

Handmade herbal soaps, spa oil, scented candle kits, knitted tablecloths, etc. can be perfect handmade picks along with homemade jams and jellies made exclusively by you.

A Deed Always To Be Remembered

Seek the blessings of the needy & the almighty by donating your wedding favor money for a charitable cause and present your guests with donation cards for the same.

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