All You Need to Know About Hematite Rings

Hematite is a black-silver gemstone with a sheen perfect for those hoping to achieve out-of-the-box sophistication.

What does hematite look like?

After final cutting and polishing, hematite looks like a black diamond. Its glossy black metallic gleam makes it a popular choice since Victorian times.

Meaning and symbolism behind hematite rings

Hematite’s dark color conveys strength and its commanding and elegant appearance blesses its wearer with calmness.

Is a hematite ring perfect for an engagement?

Hematite ring is a non-traditional choice for engagement, but its unique color provides an eye-catching statement.

Pros and cons of hematite rings

Hematite is a low-cost, striking gem for engagement rings, but it doesn’t offer dependable durability.

How much hematite costs?

The per-carat price of hematite lies somewhere between $0.012 to $5, making it an inexpensive stunner.

How to care for hematite?

As hematite is a fragile gem, it should be kept apart from other jewelry. To maintain its sparkle, it needs to get polished regularly.

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