This Birthday Gift Yourself A Pair Of Dazzling Ruby Earrings

Make the day special for yourself by choosing a pair of beautiful earrings embellished with precious ruby. It is likely that you may have not thought about buying something for the birthday gift. Perhaps it is not too late and it is still a good idea to step out to select a pair of stunning earrings which would also be a useful accessorizing jewel. 

Be it a classic solitaire setting or an elegant setting with side stones, rubies are resplendent in any kind of design. This gives many options to choose from. Further, by adding a few sparkling diamonds the beauty of the ruby earrings is beautifully accentuated, thereby making the jewel more special. 

Ruby Earrings

You may either choose earrings from a range of gorgeous choices available at established jewelry stores or you may select the design of the ear studs and handpick the gemstones for the birthday gift. This helps you to wear the rubies and the diamonds of the desired shape, cut, size and carat. 

Another beautiful way of presenting yourself ruby earrings would be to creatively sketch a fine design and choose each ruby and diamond for it. The immense satisfaction that one gets by involving in this entire process of jewel-making is beyond words. 

Ruby Earrings studs

Ruby earrings are beautiful jewelry pieces and are generally available in combination with 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, and 14k yellow gold. The red color of the ruby truly pops in the company of gold which draws all the focus on the gemstone making the earrings an object of desire for everyone. However, your choice is not limited to gold only, you can go for platinum if you want to be a bit more extravagant and crave for more metallic strength in your earrings.

Rubies are a member of the exclusive ‘big four’ category of gemstones and one of the most expensive gemstones that money can buy but there is a solid reason behind this. Rubies rank pretty high on the Mohs hardness scale with a score of 9 comparable only with its sister stone sapphire. This score makes them one of the most durable gemstones thereby making your ruby earrings resilient to a whole lot of abuse and manhandling if you are not particularly sophisticated with your jewelry. This also means that your ruby earrings will last a lifetime exuding the same shine and brilliance when new. Only diamond scores better in hardness and resilience with a score of 10 but it will cost you more for the same carat weight. 

heart shaped ruby earrings
In order to make rubies more affordable, lab grown rubies are also made available in the market. Lab grown ruby earrings are economical from their natural counterparts even though both possess the same optical and physical properties.

Earrings are the accessories that women swoon over. If you’ve been holding yourself from getting one for yourself due to financial reasons, there are many payment options available with most of the reputed jewelers. You’ll also find interest free installment payment options. Also check out the deals and offers on the internet before you buy just any pair of ruby earrings.

As the special celebration approaches, it is recommended that you take some time out to browse or custom-design a pair of lovely ruby earrings engraved with a few tiny dazzling diamonds. Make your birthday gift more memorable by gifting yourself a jewel which would also perfectly accessorize most of your favorite dresses. 

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